Friday, February 1, 2013

February To Do's

i got this idea from, check out her post on it if you havent seen.
this year has gone so fast already so i want to make the most of each day as it comes.
here are my to do for this month:
1. read two books
2. go out for a meal with my friends
3. paint my bedroom wall
4. make a meal for my family that i havent made before 
5. spend a friday/saturday night out with my friends like in the summer
6. get at least 2 things from my shopping list (found in 2013 page)
7. revise 15 minutes a day for my maths exam 
8. DONT CRY i know this is random but last year was a bad year for me and i want to make sure this one is better, only cried twice so far which is amazing compared to 2012!
9. go to Leamington with my cousin 
10. go to the spa with my mom 

comment and tell me what yours are
gyps x x 

Kim Kardashian Perfume Review

hey guys, i know i have mentioned Kim Kardashian's perfume a few times in previous posts but i just love it so much so i thought i would do a review on it.
i absolutely love doing reviews but i haven't what you guys think about them so tell you want more/less of them.
this perfume is so feminine and distinctive, you instantly recognize it which i love a perfume to have that wow smell about it.
not only does it have these qualities but i also think it has a really rich smell to it, and when you wear it i think people assume you are well off, which is always good!
i checked out what other people thought about it and these are some of the feedback i got:
its sexy, sensual, long-lasting, great smell great value.
they said its best uses were:
to wear on evenings, special occasions, anytime, and they said it was a signature fragrance.

i definitely agree with all of these things, and if you haven't smelled it yet, order it online now and try it, its amazing!
the price varies depending where you buy it from but its from £22 to £28.

i hope you enjoyed this post, comment and give me feedback, tell me if you try and please follow me,
gyps x x