Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nail Art

hey guys, i thought when i started this blog that i could do a post on my moms nails. she loves nails way more than me, shes completely obsessed and shes really good at doing them, i just thought it would be cool to show you guys what type of things she does:)
there wont be much writing on this post because i don't have much to say but she has full credit for these, i've stolen her pictures as well:p and she does them all free hand.

these are one of my favourites, she used OPI as far as i know, and she just took a simple manicure and made it better by adding a layer of glitter over the top, its easy to do and looks great.

i also love this one as well, she has took something very easy and plain but made it look good. a black background makes the two lines stand out more.

here she has  just put a white background on using OPI and then dipped her nails in surgical spirit which is just the same as rubbing alcohol, and then you press down newspaper onto them and it prints out the writing onto your nails, its very clever and cool.

i'm only showing my favourite ones other wise it would fill so many page, she changes her nail design every two days so i will only be showing a couple more. this one looks really cool, you can use any colours but it looks better if you separate the lines with black.

this one looks like a candy cane design and to make it look even better she put a glitter over the top which just finishes off the look!

this will be the last one but i have so many more photos so i will probably do another post soon. anyway i love this one, she has took the idea of a manicure but made it look loads better. doing the white of your nail with glitter instead look really cool and i reccomend trying this one!

i hope you enjoyed this post, i just wanted to share how good my mom was at doing these kinds of things and thinking of new designs:) xoxo

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Style Tips And Best Purchases

right so i'm sorry if the top bit is a bit rushed i had done all the way down to best purchases and it took me about an hour, then i clicked x so inside i'm screaming rather a lot. it's fine i'm sure ill get back into it but i do enjoy doing it. so basically this will be about my style, my favourites and my best purchases and i'll be giving you a bit of advice along the way that hopefully you take on board!

my style:
so as i already mentioned my style is anything with shorts and tights and i think you can work with it wherever you're going so i'll be giving you tips on how to make it look right for what you are doing.
first if you want to look casual i think wooly tights, plain denim shorts, flats and a jumper/jacket would look good because you look stylish but like you haven't had to try to look that good at all!

if you want to wear this sort of outfit out to the shops i think some patterned tights, any shorts, a classier top and maybe some nicer flats or some heels with an oversized knitted cardigan if you own one or if not just a normal cardigan but i think a colour other than black with look a bit more unique.

if you want to wear shorts on a night out but think it wont look dressy enough ditch the tights. wear some shorts with heels and a fancy top. if the top you want to wear is too long tuck it in, its very in at the moment. and if you need a bag but think you will look strange with a shoulder bag, use a clutch, they look very good with heels and are easy to carry.

my favourites:
i love wearing oversized tops, i really don't know why but its just me. and i love band tees! i wear them almost everywhere weather its in bed, shopping, dance or round the house, i've even got one on now:D
i obviously don't wear the same top to bed as i got out in, once i wear one to bed i restrict it to bed only. then my big baggy mens tops i wear to dance because its a street class, it fits in:p then when im going out shopping i obviously wear tighter and more fitted tops(: i know most of the people reading this wont like this style but if you want a change i reccomend this!

best purchases:
right so this is where i got up to before i deleted it all, hopefully i wont this time! this is going to be rather a long paragraph so ill warn you now, im sorry, ill try to reduce it as much as i can but i have six items to talk about, why i like them, where they are from, how much and anything else that i think of.

1. leather jacket:
so i got this jacket from new look just after christmas so it was in the massive sales. it was meant to be £34 but it was reduced to £17. the jacket is leather with a fabric hood, it's all black with fake pockets and its definitely worth the money! personally i think this goes with anything and it will look casual if you look casual and dressy if you look dressy. it wont literally change if you don't know what i mean but i mean it can go with casual clothes or you can wear it on a night out.
2. blue hoodie/jacket: 
i also got this jacket from new look around christmas, but it was just before christmas so it wasn't in the sales. it was £15 and its a dark blue jacket with a hood and strings at the sides of the zip. i wouldn't reccomend wearing this on a night out, this is more a casual round the house or shopping jacket. its so comfortable and looks great with almost anything.
3. kurt cobain tshirt:
i actually got this from  primark for £8 a few months ago because i have a massive love for kurt cobain and nirvana. i'm so glad i bought this because i wear it so goes with a lot of things but i wear it with shorts and tights because it gives them a lot of edge. it's a black tshirt with a picture of kurt cobain,  the NME logo at the top and the year he was born and died on the bottom. its a great purchase and its very cheap for what it actually is, i reccomend it as it is y favourite tshirt!
4. black lace dress:
this dress is my favourite! it is a black sleeveless dress which buttons up to the top, its tights then flow at the bottom and is just above the knee. at the top of the dress it is a lace flower pattern. it was from h&m and its was £35. i got it before christmas so i don't know if it is still in stores. they go great with an oversized black cardigan and the black heels i'm about to explain which bring me nicely onto to them:)
5. black brogue heels:
these heels are black swayed material and nearly four inches. they are from new look for £20, and i love them so much.when i go on a night out i wear them, because i'm 5"4 so i'm not very tall, they just give me that extra height i want(: they look great with dresses, shorts, skirts or some slimming jeans if you are just going shopping but fancy wearing some heels. they are plain black and at the top of the shoe it has he patterns on brogues on them. exactly these but aren't wedges , normal heels.
6. converse:
i couldn't choose one pair of converse and i didn't want to write about all three so i'm classing them as one:p i have blue ones, grey/green ones and black pin stripe ones. as i explained before i love wearing them and unless i'm going to a party or out on an evening, these are what i usually wear. i find them really comfy and they go with shorts and tights better than anything else which is what i said i live in so it really works. you can get them from almost any shoe shop and they are usually £40. if you get second hand ones they will look a bit worn obviously but they will be cheaper so its up to you what you want more.

anyway i'm finally done, i hope this has helped you and if not i'm sorry. but i'm sure i'll helped some people, i'll tell my self that:p i have a headache from all this blogging anyway so the next time i do a post will probably be after shopping tomorrow as i will show you everything i've bought!
love gyps xoxox

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Kind Of Style

so this is the kind of style i'm in love with. things like big biker boots, baggy tops, band tees, sunglasses, hats, patterned tights, shorts you get the idea.i like the fact people that dress like this don't care what people think of them and they just get on with life. in my opinion indie is by far the best style but that's just me because i'm not exactly the girliest girl in the world, like people that usually do blogs are like. so anyway you'll be seeing alot more of this kind of style when i post pictures of me on here(: xox

New To Blogger

ok so i really have no idea what my first post on my blog should be, i'm an awkward girl. i love fashion, the latest styles, shoes, bracelets and getting ready for nights out. i've been on twitter for almost a year and i saw alot of people talking about youtube videos and blogs so i checked a few of them out and liked what i saw so i thought i would try it out as well. ill be posting things about my life, my friends, fashion and whatever comes into my head at the time. i hope this blog doesn't bore anyone and i'm sorry if its really bad ill be awkward for the first few weeks but i'm sure ill get into it. gyps x x