Friday, February 1, 2013

February To Do's

i got this idea from, check out her post on it if you havent seen.
this year has gone so fast already so i want to make the most of each day as it comes.
here are my to do for this month:
1. read two books
2. go out for a meal with my friends
3. paint my bedroom wall
4. make a meal for my family that i havent made before 
5. spend a friday/saturday night out with my friends like in the summer
6. get at least 2 things from my shopping list (found in 2013 page)
7. revise 15 minutes a day for my maths exam 
8. DONT CRY i know this is random but last year was a bad year for me and i want to make sure this one is better, only cried twice so far which is amazing compared to 2012!
9. go to Leamington with my cousin 
10. go to the spa with my mom 

comment and tell me what yours are
gyps x x 

Kim Kardashian Perfume Review

hey guys, i know i have mentioned Kim Kardashian's perfume a few times in previous posts but i just love it so much so i thought i would do a review on it.
i absolutely love doing reviews but i haven't what you guys think about them so tell you want more/less of them.
this perfume is so feminine and distinctive, you instantly recognize it which i love a perfume to have that wow smell about it.
not only does it have these qualities but i also think it has a really rich smell to it, and when you wear it i think people assume you are well off, which is always good!
i checked out what other people thought about it and these are some of the feedback i got:
its sexy, sensual, long-lasting, great smell great value.
they said its best uses were:
to wear on evenings, special occasions, anytime, and they said it was a signature fragrance.

i definitely agree with all of these things, and if you haven't smelled it yet, order it online now and try it, its amazing!
the price varies depending where you buy it from but its from £22 to £28.

i hope you enjoyed this post, comment and give me feedback, tell me if you try and please follow me,
gyps x x

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Every Day Makeup Routine

ive checked a lot of blogs, and ive seen that every day makeup routines are a big favourite, on you tube as well. so today i thought i would join you all and do one myself.
(i wash my face first)
1. max factor facefinity compact powder
i first of all apply this evenly across my skin, and the amount i wear will vary on how good or bad my skin looks on that morning, you can get this from drugstores for £10.99. i like my skin not too tanned, because i don't want it to look fake so i wear shade 02 ivory.

2. rimmel sun shimmer bronzer
i apply this with a bronzer brush, and i suck in my cheeks to define my cheek bones and apply it there to make them look more defined. i know some people like to put it over their whole face but mine is shimmery so i never do that, i also think it can sometimes look fake if you put it all over.
4. e.l.f eye primer and liner sealer
this is one of my favourite products, you put the eye primer on first so your eyeshadow or eyeliner doesnt fade and then put the sealer over the top so your makeup doesnt crease. i got this from the e.l.f store for £3.75. ( i also apply the primer under my eye to cover up dark circles, it works the same as concealer!)
4. bourjois eye shadow
i love to wear a light eye shadow that just makes my eyes have a bit of colour and makes them shimmer. because i use shade 08 it is pale and shimmery so i wear it right up to my brow bone.this is £2.99 from drugstores.                          
                                                     #8 essential
5. max factor kohl eye liner.
i love this eye liner, its my absolute favourite because it goes on really smoothly and stays on all day. i put have at least 6! i dont usually recommend this unless im doing a review but, if you dont have this you need it! anyway, i apply this to the top of my lid, in just a thin line to give my eye some tone. this is £4.99 from drugstores.          

6. maybelline define a lash mascara
i love this mascara, because it doesnt make your eyelashes go clumpy, they go very well separated and really natural. i wear this on this top and bottom lashes and it really makes your eye lashes stand out. get it now!
7. benefit posie tint
i love this because it makes you look so natural, but your lips go such a lovely colour. its very expensive but you hardly need any and it last for so long. it stays on all day and looks great. this is £24.50 from Debenhams but is worth it!

so this is my every day makeup routine, depending on where i am going i do wear more/less, but this is what i wear on a daily basis, i hope you enjoyed this post:) 
follow me and comment, i always like to get feedback 
gyps x x

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


hey guys, so i went shopping with my cousin the other day and i really wanted to do an ootd for it, i haven't got around to it until now. we went out when it was snowing so we had to wrap a lot!
i dont like to use pictures of myself for ootd's and i also forgot to take more than one.
tell me if you prefer it with using pictures or pictures off the internet though.
i wore this skirt which is from urban outfitters, it was reduced from £35.00 down to £10.00 so id hurry if you want to get it!

this was the jump i wore out, sorry it isnt very good quality, it isnt on the website and i just found this from the day i bought it. this was from h&m and was £10. 


i then wore this denim jacket over my jumper which i got from a charity shop for £1!


i then finished off my outfit with tights, converse and a kardashian bag.

i hope you liked this post, comment and give me feedback, love gyps x x

Monday, January 28, 2013

Topshop Wish List

hey guys, so already this year i have seen so many clothes that i want but cant afford so ive decided to not spend anything and ive been saving for a while now for these clothes.

 the first thing i want that is top of my list is this dress, which is £26.i honestly just find this dress so beautiful, definitely buying this!

the next thing i want is this skirt is £36 but the pattern is so eye-catching and beautiful, im in love!

the next thing is these leggings are ones i have wanted for a while, and these are £18. they are casual and really cute i think.

the last thing on my wishlist, is this tshirt, which i think would go great with the leggings above, its a casual tshirt and is £26.

here is the link for the topshop website and i hope you like my topshop wish list:) love gyps x x

Anyone Who has Upcoming Exams!

to anyone who has upcoming exams, please take the time to read this new post!
so i have a few exams coming up and i thought it would be a good idea to find websites i can revise from. i found the best one i think i have ever found. its called get revising and i honestly think its amazing. you can type in any subject and topic, and get noted for it, make revision cards, make mindmaps and the best thing about it is you can make a revision timetable.

this is the revision timetable and you can choose a different colour for each exam which i think is great. you just type in the details about the exam and you can alter it in case you need more time to revise for one subject then it turns it into this table for you.


this is what the homepage looks like for anyone who wasnt sure. also im sorry its not like my usual post i just wanted to help any of you people that needed and i hope this did help. comment if there is any ive missed out, i love you all gyps x x

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How I Do My Hair

hey guys, so this post is about how i do my hair, i dont want it to sound like im bragging or anything so im sorry if it comes across that way.
i get tons of people ask me how i do my hair, whenever i meet someone new they ask if its natural or how i do it etc and its simple and easy.
the way to get it to look curly/wavy but not frizzy is easy if you have the right products, you don't even need any time!
i have a shower every day and depending on how my hair has gone, i either wash it everyday or everyday or other day. i use the body shop ice blue shampoo which you can get from body shop stores or online for only £4.00 and it lasts a long time because you dont need to use a lot.
i then use head and shoulders conditioner because i think it makes you hair extra soft which is £2.79. i usually leave it in my hair while i shave my legs and then wash it out so between 5-7 minutes.

when i get out of the shower i brush my hair through with a brush and then the bits that frame my face, with a comb. i apply some advance techniques daily results serum to make sure my hair doesnt go frizzy, because it usually does when i dont use it. you only need the amount of a 5p coin because it doesnt spread a long way and you can get that from avon for £3.29.


depending what im doing throughout the day i either dry it with a hairdryer but with a defuser on the end or just leave it to do dry naturally.

i hope this post helped and if you try any of the products tell me how they worked on your hair, gyps x x

Friday, January 25, 2013

Skin Care Routine

hey guys, ive mentioned in the past that my skin used to be really bad but now i take care of it it has got so much better, and i have had 3 people recently ask me i got it to improve.
i thought other people might have the problem i had and suffer with dry, spotty skin. i no longer do and if i do get one i treat it, it goes within a day and usually (sorry everyone) it is around my time of the knth so it doesnt really count.
so first of all when i wake up i clean my face with pure 3 in 1 makeup removal cleansing wipes which you can pick up from a local poundland and the deal has recently gone up to £1 for three packs!

so anyway i use one of them in the morning, then moisturize my nose with simple because i do often get dry skin on my nose.                                      

i then, before i apply my makeup, put on some karin herzog spot cream which i talking about in a previous post. i let it sink in and then get ready for the day.


whenever i get home from wherever i have been , unless im going out again, i take my makeup off straight away with the pure 3 in 1 makeup wipe, wash my face in the sink with no7 gentle foaming face wash. and then straight away apply my simple moisturizer again.


*also another tip is to drink lots of water, i get through at least 4 bottles waters a day*

i hope this post helped, please comment and follow, tell your friends to follow aswell:) gyps x x

January Haul

i haven't done a proper haul for a long while so i thought it was definitely time i did. so this month i have bought (or my lovely mom has bought me) quite a few things.
not all the things that ive had this month will be in this haul for obvious reasons because some of it is books, magazines, chocolate and dvds, but this is the things that will be:
-frizz ease curl reviver styling mousse
-herbal essence hello hydration shampoo
-herbal essence hello hydration conditioner
-advance techniques curl defining gel
-vaseline limited edition pink bubbly

so firstly i was bought two bottles of the frizz ease curl reviver styling mousse, bought for me by my sisters best friends nan. so if you didnt already know i have curly hair and sometimes it can be hard to keep under control. these do help a lot. it is a mousse and i put it in my hair when wet and let it dry naturally with this in and in my opinion it keeps my curls refined but defined.
it is £5.29 and you can get it from drug stores, for two bottles it wasnt on any offer at the time so it was normal price (£10.58) but i do really love it and if you have curly/frizzy hair its a great product to buy.

the next thing i got bought was advance techniques curl defining gel, who was also bought for me by my sisters best friends nan who is lovely for getting me these! ive had advance techniques products for years now and i honestly think they are amazing and will probably be doing a post about them soon. this product is an avon make so im sorry if you are from anywhere other than the uk because i dont think you can get it anywhere else. 
for a 150ml bottle it is only £4.80, avon is very cheap but very good!

today i got home from school and my mom had bought me a few things which i thought was lovely of her. she got me herbal essences shampoo and conditioner limited edition. its such a pretty bottle which is partly the reason she bought it me! i have yet to try it but i know that it is coconut, so it should be amazing. you can get it from drugstores at £3.79

finally the last thing i got which was also today off my mom was the limited edition vaseline, i dont know if you have seen it but it is amazing!! it is pink bubbly, and it smells quite fruity and like lush in a way, it has a beautiful case and she knows i really wanted it. i really recommend it because it is so good but hurry because it wont be out much longer. this was £3.50 from drugstores.

really hope you enjoyed this post and as i always say, if you have any questions please please post them in the comments below, love you all<3 gyps x x

Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi3 Review

hey guys, i'm going to try and keep this post zhort because i really want you to read it and i don't want you to loose interest.

ok so i don't know if you have heard of Karin Herzog cosmetics, it is a pretty well know but expensive make. i own one thing by them and it is their spot cream, vita-a-kombi3. i don't know if any of you suffer with spots but most teenagers do so even if you get the odd one, its worth buying because it gets rid of the spot in 2 days and doesn't leave a mark!

you can either buy the 15ml bottle which is £21.50 or the 50ml bottle which is £50.50. i know it sounds a ridiculous amount to spend on a cream and i thought the same until i tried it.

it gets rid of spots, cold sores, blisters, boils, pigmentation etc without leaving a mark, and within two days you cant even tell anything has been there in the first place.

i think ive said everything i need to about this product and as i said i want keep it short because it is a truly amazing product and it is by fair my favorite product i won. i strongly recommend trying this and if you don't suffer with spots then try something else by Karin Herzog.

if you do decide to try it leave a comment and let me know what you think, comment if you have any questions also and please follow! gyps x x 

How To Stop Split Ends

hey guys, i've heard a few people recently moaning about their split ends and saying how damaged their hair is so i though i could make a blog post for you all on how to prevent your hair from being damaged and keeping it in good condition.
if you are looking to get length on your hair you need to trim off the split ends. i would recommend using a pair of nail scissors that you just buy cheap at a drug store. they are very small which makes it easy to cut those ends and leave the rest of your hair.
you can do it at any time whether you are just relaxing, watching tv or i sometimes even do it when i'm sat in a boring lesson! take a small section of your hair, go down to the ends of the hair and when you see a split end, just cut it off.
another way to get rid of split ends is to twist your hair, you will then see small sections poking out, once again check for any split ends and just cut them off. most of your split ends will be at the sides of your hair which frame your face, usually caused by brushing, pony tails sleeping etc so be sure to check those areas of your hair the most.
carry out this method to all of your hair, if you do not get rid of the split ends, the split will travel further up your hair making it weak and eventually break off.
by trimming your hair it will stop it from any breakage or damage and will definitely help the growth of your hair.
 if you do this whenever you think of it, it will save your hair from unnecessary damage.
this is the only way you can trim split ends from shorter hairs that may previously have been broken and prevent further damage.
i really hope this post helped and it your have any further questions feel free to ask:) gyps x x

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lemony Flutter Review

a few of you might have heard of the product lemony flutter that lush sells. well if you haven't heard of it you definitely need to check it out, its amazing!
you can get it in lush stores for £16.95, which i know sounds a lot and i wouldn't normally spend that on a lush product but its worth it. if you haven't heard of it and don't know how to use it i will explain underneath:
apply it to your cuticles and any areas that are cracked that need softening including feet, elbows and knees. you hardly need any for it to spread a long way so it will last a very long time. i got my pot about 8 months, i use it every day and still have a lot left. it is made with fresh lemons, beeswax and avocado oil to soften your skin, which is definitely what it does.

i will be doing more reviews as i carry on blogging, so if there is a review you want me to do about a certain product comment below and ill definitely do it! gyps x x 

Orly No Bite Review

hey guys, i have a list of posts that i want to do and its pretty long, this is the first day i've had free for a while so that's the reason i've done a few today.
this post is a review on Orly no bite. it is a nail bite deterrent and its the best thing i've ever used. i've bitten my nails my whole life so my mom decided to get me this, i have been using it for about 3-4 weeks and honestly, my nails have grown so much.
the idea of it, obviously is to stop your nails, it is a clear nail varnish, and makes your nails very shiny, but it tastes very bitter.
you apply it to your nails as you would with a normal nail varnish and it only takes around 30 seconds to dry which is another good point about it. i usually apply it when i wake up, after school, and before bed because the taste does tend to ware off.
it is £8.79 and you can get it online, i'm pretty sure my mom got a new and sealed one from eBay so you should check that out.
if you dont have this product then you need to get it (if you bite your nails obviously) its amazing and one of the few things ive bought and am completely happy with, gyps x x

Kardashian Haul

hey guys, i was meant to post this at christmas but i just haven't got around to doing it, so i'm sorry about that. this post is going to be my Kardashian haul, basically my Kardashian things i got for christmas. as you all know already i'm in love with the Kardashian's and beauty so my parents did get me a lot of things like this for christmas.

 so firstly, i got a Kardashian bag which was one of my main presents, its the first thing i chose with my money and i got it on the day of the Kardashian Kollection launch at Dorothy Perkins . you can get it from websites also though. (£45.00)

the rest of the things i got were a complete surprise, i also got Kim Kardashian's perfume (£28.00) off a website, i'm sorry i'm not sure which one.

(from left to right: my empire my rules, follow me on glitter, khloe had a little lam-lam, hard kourt fashionista)

i got a set of Kardashian Kolor nail varnishes, Sophisti-Cuties, also off a website ( i'm not sure of the exact price but they are around £10)

then i finally got a separate nail varnish which was rainbow in the s-kylie, the prices range with this, you can get it pretty cheap on amazon if you have a look.

if you haven't tried any of the Kardashian things then i definitely recommend, also check out the website ill put the link below
gyps x x

Inside My Makeup Bag

hey guys, so i know on my last post i would be keeping it up to date, well i'm really sorry i haven't been, I've had so much revision to do but I've slowed it down now, ill be blogging regular!
this post is basically going to be what i carry round with me all the time and what i wear every day.

 ive put the makeup i wear every day in the picture above but i do regularly swap the mascara around, wear some eyeliner and change the bronzer from blusher.
the things in the picture that i wear are:
  • max factor facefinity compact foundation 02 ivory
  • rimmel sun shimmer bronzing compact powder medium matte 
  • maybelline define-a-lash mascara
  • bourjois Paris 08 eye shadow
  • benefit posie tint cheek and lip tint
  • benefit eye bright
  • rimmel London eyebrow pencil
  • mua clear mascara
  • avon eyelash curlers
if anyone has any prefereneces on what blog post they would like me to do, comment below and if you have any questions about this blog post just ask:)
gyps x x

Monday, January 7, 2013

Just An Update

so i a lot has been going on in my life recently, which is why i haven't been blogging. everything has been a bit hectic because of christmas but things are starting to settle again so my blogging will continue again. there is a  change to my blog, i have deleted most of my posts and my design because i want a new start without deleting my blog. i will be doing an OOTD weekly and i will also be doing hauls most times i go out and just keep you all updated really. if any of you have any suggestions of what you would like me to do with my blog or any other posts you would like me to do, comment and ill make sure i will get round to doing them.
will start blogging regular again for tomorrow, goodbye for tonight, gyps x x