Friday, January 25, 2013

January Haul

i haven't done a proper haul for a long while so i thought it was definitely time i did. so this month i have bought (or my lovely mom has bought me) quite a few things.
not all the things that ive had this month will be in this haul for obvious reasons because some of it is books, magazines, chocolate and dvds, but this is the things that will be:
-frizz ease curl reviver styling mousse
-herbal essence hello hydration shampoo
-herbal essence hello hydration conditioner
-advance techniques curl defining gel
-vaseline limited edition pink bubbly

so firstly i was bought two bottles of the frizz ease curl reviver styling mousse, bought for me by my sisters best friends nan. so if you didnt already know i have curly hair and sometimes it can be hard to keep under control. these do help a lot. it is a mousse and i put it in my hair when wet and let it dry naturally with this in and in my opinion it keeps my curls refined but defined.
it is £5.29 and you can get it from drug stores, for two bottles it wasnt on any offer at the time so it was normal price (£10.58) but i do really love it and if you have curly/frizzy hair its a great product to buy.

the next thing i got bought was advance techniques curl defining gel, who was also bought for me by my sisters best friends nan who is lovely for getting me these! ive had advance techniques products for years now and i honestly think they are amazing and will probably be doing a post about them soon. this product is an avon make so im sorry if you are from anywhere other than the uk because i dont think you can get it anywhere else. 
for a 150ml bottle it is only £4.80, avon is very cheap but very good!

today i got home from school and my mom had bought me a few things which i thought was lovely of her. she got me herbal essences shampoo and conditioner limited edition. its such a pretty bottle which is partly the reason she bought it me! i have yet to try it but i know that it is coconut, so it should be amazing. you can get it from drugstores at £3.79

finally the last thing i got which was also today off my mom was the limited edition vaseline, i dont know if you have seen it but it is amazing!! it is pink bubbly, and it smells quite fruity and like lush in a way, it has a beautiful case and she knows i really wanted it. i really recommend it because it is so good but hurry because it wont be out much longer. this was £3.50 from drugstores.

really hope you enjoyed this post and as i always say, if you have any questions please please post them in the comments below, love you all<3 gyps x x

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