Friday, January 25, 2013

How To Stop Split Ends

hey guys, i've heard a few people recently moaning about their split ends and saying how damaged their hair is so i though i could make a blog post for you all on how to prevent your hair from being damaged and keeping it in good condition.
if you are looking to get length on your hair you need to trim off the split ends. i would recommend using a pair of nail scissors that you just buy cheap at a drug store. they are very small which makes it easy to cut those ends and leave the rest of your hair.
you can do it at any time whether you are just relaxing, watching tv or i sometimes even do it when i'm sat in a boring lesson! take a small section of your hair, go down to the ends of the hair and when you see a split end, just cut it off.
another way to get rid of split ends is to twist your hair, you will then see small sections poking out, once again check for any split ends and just cut them off. most of your split ends will be at the sides of your hair which frame your face, usually caused by brushing, pony tails sleeping etc so be sure to check those areas of your hair the most.
carry out this method to all of your hair, if you do not get rid of the split ends, the split will travel further up your hair making it weak and eventually break off.
by trimming your hair it will stop it from any breakage or damage and will definitely help the growth of your hair.
 if you do this whenever you think of it, it will save your hair from unnecessary damage.
this is the only way you can trim split ends from shorter hairs that may previously have been broken and prevent further damage.
i really hope this post helped and it your have any further questions feel free to ask:) gyps x x

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