Saturday, January 26, 2013

How I Do My Hair

hey guys, so this post is about how i do my hair, i dont want it to sound like im bragging or anything so im sorry if it comes across that way.
i get tons of people ask me how i do my hair, whenever i meet someone new they ask if its natural or how i do it etc and its simple and easy.
the way to get it to look curly/wavy but not frizzy is easy if you have the right products, you don't even need any time!
i have a shower every day and depending on how my hair has gone, i either wash it everyday or everyday or other day. i use the body shop ice blue shampoo which you can get from body shop stores or online for only £4.00 and it lasts a long time because you dont need to use a lot.
i then use head and shoulders conditioner because i think it makes you hair extra soft which is £2.79. i usually leave it in my hair while i shave my legs and then wash it out so between 5-7 minutes.

when i get out of the shower i brush my hair through with a brush and then the bits that frame my face, with a comb. i apply some advance techniques daily results serum to make sure my hair doesnt go frizzy, because it usually does when i dont use it. you only need the amount of a 5p coin because it doesnt spread a long way and you can get that from avon for £3.29.


depending what im doing throughout the day i either dry it with a hairdryer but with a defuser on the end or just leave it to do dry naturally.

i hope this post helped and if you try any of the products tell me how they worked on your hair, gyps x x


  1. nice products and tip :) your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. Love this!
    Great blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like xoxo

  3. The body shop shampoo looks lovely :) xxx

    1. it is so lovely, you shoudl definetly try it! x x x

  4. All the products sound lovely - great review! I love the head and shoulders because I agree that it makes your hair soft! I love the background of your blog<3