this page is just my new year resolutions for 2013 and things i want to buy in 2013. this way i can constantly see the list, i wont loose it and i can cross things off when they are done!

New Year Resolutions 

-read more books
( space for books ive read) 
1. ant and dec: ooh what a lovely pair
2. the last song 
-be nicer
-laugh more and cry less
- spend more time with family and friends!
-enjoy life more
-learn something new
-help others
-get organised
-revise more
-be more confident
-better grades
-make my parents proud
-dont argue with anyone (especially mom)
-live more!
-keep a diary

Shopping List

-Jake Bugg tickets 
-All Time Low tickets
-Diversity tickets 
- Jake Bugg tshirt
-chanel vest
-a new bed set
-the breakfast club dvd
-the perks of being a wallflower dvd
-the perks of being a wallflower book
-the last song book
-the stepfather dvd 
-the fault in our stars book
-Kasabian top
-Kasabian tickets
-scrubs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

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