Friday, January 25, 2013

Skin Care Routine

hey guys, ive mentioned in the past that my skin used to be really bad but now i take care of it it has got so much better, and i have had 3 people recently ask me i got it to improve.
i thought other people might have the problem i had and suffer with dry, spotty skin. i no longer do and if i do get one i treat it, it goes within a day and usually (sorry everyone) it is around my time of the knth so it doesnt really count.
so first of all when i wake up i clean my face with pure 3 in 1 makeup removal cleansing wipes which you can pick up from a local poundland and the deal has recently gone up to £1 for three packs!

so anyway i use one of them in the morning, then moisturize my nose with simple because i do often get dry skin on my nose.                                      

i then, before i apply my makeup, put on some karin herzog spot cream which i talking about in a previous post. i let it sink in and then get ready for the day.


whenever i get home from wherever i have been , unless im going out again, i take my makeup off straight away with the pure 3 in 1 makeup wipe, wash my face in the sink with no7 gentle foaming face wash. and then straight away apply my simple moisturizer again.


*also another tip is to drink lots of water, i get through at least 4 bottles waters a day*

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