Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Haul

here is another post that i said i would do and these are presents off my best friend who i have mentioned before, izzie. she gave it me a few days early cause she was going on holiday for my birthday so it was special:) here are the presents she got me.
she got me a new look t shirt, a lush set, some underwear, 2 nail varnishes, a radox smoothie shower gel, a chocolate bar and a card. i didn't take a close up picture so i got them odd the website instead.

this is the new look t shirt she got me, it is black with Aztec patterns on it and it is also bat winged. you can wear it on both shoulders or just one and its very sheer/ thin so you can wear it in the summer as well without getting too hot.
this is the lush set she got me. it is called shiny happy people and the scent of the things inside is lemon. inside it has a body butter that melts to the temperature of your skin, a shower gel and a soap. the shower gel is one that i think you can buy separately if you didn't want the set, and that is called happy hippy.

i haven't got photos of the other things but the two nail varnishes are rimmel and barrym glitters which you can  find in drugstores. the radox smoothie shower gel come in a few different scents and you can also find them in drugstores. the underwear is from new look and it always has a deal on where you can get 3 pairs for £7. lastly the chocolate you can find pretty much anywhere. hope you enjoyed this post and as always, ask me for any other details, gyps x x

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