Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To Look Like Kendall Jenner Tutorial

so this post is going to be a tutorial post on how to look like kendall jenner with the kind of makeup to wear and the clothes to wear on special occasions and casual outings, if you want to know any other tips please tell me in the comments and i will get back to you. so in case you dont know who kendall jenner is, it is the girl underneath this paragraph and also a half sister to kim kardashian.
i will showing and telling you how to get the same hair as her, the same skin tone and eye makeup and dress the same as her, so i hope this helps alot. i watched a youtube video on this and really helped alot, i feel like my eye makeup is now similar to kendall, so i will share my tips and other tips i have heard. 
so in the 5 pictures above are her 'casual' clothes. she usually wears denim shorts, alot of the time from bambi and manson which ill put a link to in a second. then with her shorts she wears colourful vests and sheers tops with flats and sunglasses. if she isnt wears shorts she is wearing rolled up jeans like in the fourth picture along. you can find clothes like these in a lot of places and depending where you go, the price will vary. here is the link to bambi and manson
so in the picture above, you can see that the outfits in that photo are her formal clothes for the red carpet or a family meal,etc. she loves to wear high waisted skirts with dressy tops, or very pretty dresses. you can easily get this look just by buying a high waisted skirt which they sell in a lot of places and a flowy nice top to match the skirt, which they sell in places like primark, h&m, new look etc. 
so in the picture above, it really focuses on her eyes, she likes to wear dark eye makeup, bronzer and pale lips. i will now tell you how to get your eyes to look like that.

 first you use a white eye shadow and blend it into your eyelids, don't use too much just use enough to cover the eyelid with a thin layer. then choose a big eye shadow brush and a shimmery white highlighter and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bone.

   pick a grey-ish purple colour and brush it all over your eye lid on top of the white, NARS cosmetics do this perfect colour. the great thing about using a white underneath this, is it really brings the colour out and makes the colour pop.

 then take a bit of a darker grey and brush it in the outer corners of the eye up into the crease. once you have done that, take a white again and apply it in your lash line kind of like an eyeliner but with eye shadow instead.

 try and find a really soft black eyeliner and apply it on the inside of your eye on the bottom. if you aren't very good at tight lining then do this and when you have done close your eyes fairly tight and when you open them it will be on the top as well, depending on the eyeliner you use it will show up more/less. if it didn't transfer, then take your eyeliner and rub it into your top lash line.

 use an angled eye liner brush and apply some of your eyeliner onto the brush, when you have done that rub it in the outer corners of your eye but don't flick it out too much, just go to the edge. using the brush makes it look more smoky than defined which is what kendalls eyes usually look like.

take an eye shadow brush and a black eye shadow, and go over everywhere you have eyeliner on with it to seal it and make it stay on and not smudge as much. something about powders makes it not smudgy stay on for longer. 

take any mascara you like and apply it any way you feel comfortable doing, kendall have really thick eyelashes so applying a lot of layers will help achieve this look. remember to always apply layers of mascara while it is still wet so it doesn't go clumpy. 

she likes to wear pale pink on her lips a lot so either take a pale pink lip gloss or a pale pink lipstick and apply it on your lips, but not too much that it look heavy. 

finally pick the bronzer of your choice and apply it with a bronzer brush, make it heavier at the top of your cheeks going down into a lighter colour as you get closer to your nose and lips. 

so there you have it, this is how to look like kendall jenner, i hope you all really enjoyed this and i hope it helped, if you have any questions please ask me in the comments or if you have any of your own tips share them with us and write them in the comments also, keep subscribing, gyps x x

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